Located in Vancouver BC, we provide IT Support and consultation services in Windows 10 environment, and in Android and Apple iPhone smartphones and repairing computers both by hardware and software. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Virus and Malware removal: If your computer is slow, we can look into it in detail and see what virus or malware is running in the background. We will manually search for the virus and remove it from the system. Sometimes certain viruses evade anti-virus program scanning, so a manual cleanout is needed.
  • Assembling Computers: We assemble computers from scratch down based on different computer parts (motherboards, graphics cards, RAMs, SSD, Nano SSD hard drives, etc), put them together and test to make sure it works.
  • Security Consultation: We provide security recommendation to protect your computer from malware attacks, phishing attempts, viruses and spyware attacks, and to suggest what kind of security software that should be installed.
  • IT Consultation: We provide consultation and recommendation into what kind of computer you need for your personal or business use and to answer any kinds of computer related questions, including questions about how to use Windows 10 and other software.
  • Data Backup: We provide services in backing up and restoring data, including backing up data from Android and iPhone smartphones and Windows 10 PCs.
  • General Smartphone Repair: We can provide service in backup, data restoration in Android and Apple iPhone smartphones, and can perform recovery or assist in hard reset recovery in smartphones (ie: if the phone does not boot up and needs to be hard reset in a different way)
  • Computer upgrades: Helping businesses upgrade from an old operating system to a up-to-date modern operating system, and assisting in applying security patches and updates as necessary.
  • Computer hardware upgrades: We can copy data from the old computer to a new computer which has newer, faster hardware, so individuals can benefit from better work efficiency.

We can provide some troubleshooting IT Support remotely as well. Please contact us to see how we can assist.