Online Restaurant Ordering

We are located in Vancouver, BC, providing services in web design for the restaurant hospitality industry in online ordering. Nowadays, people wanted convenience in ordering food ahead of time in front of their computers or mobile device. And with the limitations and restrictions of dining in restaurants, the industry needs to find an alternative way to serve customers through the take out channel.

Many younger generations are tech-savvy, and tapping into this market is an additional way to do more business.

By having the own online ordering system, restaurants do not need to go through intermediate delivery apps such as Ubereats, Skip the Dishes, and does not need to pay commission, as all online ordering is made directly to the restaurant. Therefore, this is a cost saving measure in the long term. Our service is a flat rate project, and we can help maintain the website for a small monthly fee.

Our online ordering consists of several components to make this happen:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce software:  The usage of open source WordPress and WooCommerce software and related plugins to allow an e-commerce website to become a restaurant online ordering
  • PDF Menu:  Additionally or alternatively, a PDF version of the in-house menu can be made available online to assist in better choices of food
  • Photos:  Photos of the food and restaurant interior may need to be taken to be placed into the website.  Preferably, the photos should be taken in a professional manner for consistency.  
  • Integrated credit card payments:  Credit card payments of the restaurant’s choice can be integrated into the checkout, for customers to pay ahead of time before sending in the order
  • E-Mail notifications:  When customers place an order, it sends an email to the restaurant’s email system, with real time notifications that a new order has arrived
  • Scheduling of online ordering:  It is possible to schedule or restrict the operating hours of online ordering, so that customers cannot place orders if the restaurant is closed.

Workflow – how the process works

  1. Customers browse the website with a selection of choices of dishes
  2. Dishes are categorized accordingly
  3. They select the dish they wanted to order by “Adding to cart”
  4. They check the cart to see if what they wanted to order is correct, and allows the ability to enter coupon code and address postal code for delivery requirements. 
  5. Customers also have the ability to enter in any necessary information on the “note” field box if they have dietary needs, need delivery, has specific food allergies, time to pick up, etc
  6. Customers checkout by filling in the billing information and paying online beforehand first to prevent fraud and abuse
  7. After payment, an email order notification is sent to the customer and to the restaurant staff alerting them of new order
Step 1: Customer enters website and proceeds to order food online
Step 2: Customer continues to browse and order food online
Step 3: Customer finds the cuisine they wanted, and press “Add to Cart”
Step 4: Customer views the cart of all the cuisine they picked
Step 5: Customer proceeds to checkout, filling in relevant contact information, and paying online by credit card first
Step 6: Order is emailed to an email account, notifying the restaurant owner immediately a new order is placed. The notification can be in the form of ring tone sound on a phone or tablet. New order can be checked on phone or tablet or PC.