Located in Vancouver, BC, we design websites for individuals, companies, and for small and medium sized businesses to help with their marketing needs. As part of the overall package, it includes relevant photography and videography, and we use WordPress software for the websites for easier content management.

Benefits of CMS WordPress: It allows staff and ourselves to easily maintain and update the content of the website, without having to manually upload files to the server.

Reduces need of programming skills: By using CMS software, users can update the website without having to worry about technical skills such as HTML, CSS coding, etc. They can just treat it as updating pages like a word processing software.

Websites for any industries: A website is a strong marketing advertising tool for any businesses, and is a must have to stay competitive in today’s economy

Showing information: Websites are meant to show information to allow people to make educated decisions. They are meant to educate the public about any topics or about what kind of products and services to sell. Examples include a PDF Menu of a restaurant menu shown online, technical specifications of a product, etc.

E-Commerce websites: More and more people choose to buy online, and online shopping can also complement brick and mortar locations. We can help design online shopping carts and also take professional product photography to make the online experience a good one.

Incorporating photos, videos, and graphic design: We are able to help businesses take relevant photos, videos, and designing graphics to put onto the website, to make sure the information is as accessible to the widest possible audience. Having multimedia on the website enhances attractiveness and makes the site more appealing to look at.

Excellent product photography and incorporating graphic design, logos and multimedia videos, is essential to any website marketing
Professional product photography is essential to any online shopping cart websites