Remote IT Support

With available technology available, we are ready to provide computer and mobile device troubleshooting remotely. Remotely connecting and troubleshooting allows us to be more time efficient, more productive and to solve problems without needing to travel to the customer’s site, reducing the overall cost. The client can sit and watch us how to troubleshoot issues on the computer screen and follow along.

Option 1: Google Remote Desktop

To use this feature, customers can enable Google’s Remote Desktop Service by visiting: and then downloading the client plugin.

Download the client software by locating it in the downloads folder and install it by double clicking on the filename chromeremotdesktophost.msi and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to assign a PIN number for this computer for your own remote access in the future. After installation is complete, press on “Remote Support” on the left side, and on the right side under “Share this Screen”, generate a new code and provide us the temporary code number to access the computer.

Option 2: TeamViewer Remote Desktop Support

You may also go to and download the TeamViewer QuickSupport client. Follow the instructions there, and then provide us the ID and Password in the QuickSupport client so that we can remotely connect and resolve the problem.

You will be able to monitor and follow along how we troubleshoot the computer. You may also be asked to connect to us by phone call or text messages to give 2 way instructions, allowing us to help troubleshoot the issue better.