IT Support for individuals and businesses

Based in Vancouver, we provide computer technical support and consultation for a variety of businesses and individuals.  This includes consultation and cybersecurity training to staff, diagnosing and troubleshooting computer and networking issues, backup and restoring data, and upgrading OS.  


We can assist in investigating and manually removing viruses and malware on computers and mobile phones that anti-virus programs could not remove.


We can act on behalf as a contracted system administrator and IT Support, relieving other duties and times for other department staff to take care of.

InnoFinite Systems IT and Web Support

Providing a variety of technical support

Vancouver, BC - Canada

InnoFinite Systems IT and Web Support

Years of experience

We have years of experience fixing, diagnosing and upgrading computers, networking and mobile phone issues, along with building new computers from components.

InnoFinite Systems IT and Web Support

Remote assistance

We are able to use remote desktop connection to help fix computers, allowing greater convenience for both parties.  In addition, we can take the individual's computer to diagnose in depth at our location.

InnoFinite Systems IT and Web Support

Serving the Vancouver area

We provide service around the greater Vancouver Lower Mainland Region.


Recently, we've taken courses from the Google IT Professional Certificate.  Customers can rest assured we have the knowledge and reputation to diagnose problems with computers.

More information about the course certificates can be found here.

InnoFinite Systems IT and Web Support

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, InnoFinite Systems provides a range of IT related services to the public, namely in IT Help Desk technical support, IT Consulting services, Web Design and Setup, Website and Web server support and troubleshooting services, Online restaurant ordering system, e-commerce (shopping cart) website setup, and Point of Sales systems setup. We serve a range of customers, from individuals, to small to medium to large organizations, who needed help in troubleshooting problems related to computers and websites.

Web Design:  We help businesses design and setup a website or e-commerce (shopping cart) website to sell products for their marketing needs, using content management based software.  Maintaining websites are therefore easier.  We use the opensource WordPress software to implement.


Web Server Troubleshooting:  If an existing website does not function as intended, we can help diagnose, fix and advise on solutions.  This includes WordPress problems, problems with Linux web hosting, CPanel questions, etc.  We have the ability to recover and fix hacked websites infected with malware and viruses.

Website Maintenance:  We can assist businesses with existing websites to maintain their websites by updating site contents, and this can include relevant photography and graphic designs.

IT Help Desk Support and Computer Repair:  Businesses may encounter difficulties in the computer systems.  We help them diagnose, troubleshoot what is wrong with the software and hardware and find a solution to fix computer problems.  We are also able to assemble and build computers from computer parts.  We are available to help troubleshoot computer issues remotely.

IT and Cybersecurity Evaluation and Consulting:  We give advice on what safety and security practices businesses need to take, and suggestions on software and security measures to install on company computers to ensure no privacy and security breach happens.  This includes the ability to recover hacked websites.  We can prepare presentations to businesses to educated about security practices to employees about cybersecurity.

Computer and Website Backup:  Providing services in backing up and restoring data from computer systems and Web servers.

Installation of OS and Web Software:  We assist people in installing desktop OS such as Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu and other web softwares such as WordPress onto web servers, or locally onto desktop computers. 

Moving websites:  Moving websites to another web hosing servers maybe challenging for some.  We have the expertise to safely backup and restore websites and transfer onto different servers.

Online restaurant ordering:  Customers can choose to order food online directly on the restaurant website without going through other delivery website channels (ie:  Ubereats, Skip the Dishes, etc)

Upgrading Computers:  We are able to copy data from the old computer to a faster newer computer hardware, so that individuals and businesses can experience better performance and better work efficiency.

System Administrator:  We can be contracted to different companies to help set up, monitor, backup/restore, and configure businesses computer systems, file systems, OS, printers, email systems, etc.

Cybersecurity Training:  We provide lectures and advices to employees within the businesses about the safe practices of computing and provide advice on preventing phishing scams and viruses.

Virus and Malware Removal – We can help manually remove virus and malware from computers and mobile phones.  A through investigation using different methods will be used to identify and remove hidden viruses.

Today’s economy is heavily driven by e-commerce and technology.  In order for websites to run properly, the web servers have to be running smoothly.  In other for people to do work on the desktop computers, there needs to be skills for someone to fix and troubleshoot if something goes wrong.  To have a new computer system running, there needs to be knowledge on how to get the operating system and software set up and running.  We can help.

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