Virus and Malware Removal

If your computer or mobile device is running slow, there is a possibility that there is a virus or malware infection in your system. Viruses and malware usually take a lot of CPU resources and will slow down the computer significantly.

Viruses and malware are dangerous to computer security because they can do a lot of harm, including locking up user files (ransomware), stealing user information and files, privacy breaches, data loss and at the end result, may commit identity theft and impersonate you.

In extreme cases ransomware will hold your data and will demand some form of ransom or payment before they can unlock the files for you. In most cases, criminals will take the money and run away and won’t likely unlock the files back. Ransomware are typically difficult to remove and since they use an encryption key to encrypt the files, the only way to un-encrypt is to pay the ransom and get the public key to de-crypt it. Therefore, the only best solution is to restore the files from backup. Frequent backup of the computer is important.

Sometimes browser extensions can have hidden viruses or malware. Or there maybe abnormal popup windows and frequent browser notifications. We can help eliminate these problems by correcting browser settings.

We provide services to manually find, locate, and remove any hidden programs, viruses, and malware on the system. We have a number of technique and methods that can be used to identify and remove viruses. Sometimes these viruses couldn’t be detected by anti-virus programs because new viruses always come up and anti-virus programs couldn’t blacklist those signatures in time.

If you find your computer is acting abnormally and is slow, give us a call and we can help investigate if there is a virus on the computer.